"All it takes is a taste or two to know what they've captured in those bottles. Each one has its own special tale to tell. In the process, they frame the narrative of the story of how this couple came together to ultimately create such enological gems."
- Karl Klooster, Oregon Wine Press, 2014

"Internationally experienced Anna Matzinger couldn't hide her light under a basket press if she wanted to, and proves to be as savvy, inquisitive and insightful in her perspectives on late 20th century wine history as she is on matters viticultural and vinifactory."
- David Schildknecht, the Wine Advocate, 2012

"This clean, crisp, and citrusy creation from power couple Anna Matzinger (longtime winemaker at legendary Archery Summit) and Michael Davies (New Zealand-born winemaker at A to Z and REXHILL) sips like a dream, with herbal notes and fresh minerality." 2012 Gorgeous Savvy
- Oregon's 50 Best Wines, Portland Monthly Magazine, 2013

"Winemaker Anna Matzinger doesn't make wine. What she does with these delicate Pinot Noir grapes is more like gently coax them into revealing deeper, subtler version of themselves that she – and, one imagines, they – always knew where there."
- Rejuvenation, 2011